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Our group published a collaborative paper in ACS Omega!

Our collaborative paper is published in ACS Omega! Congratulations Anas and all co-authors!

The work is done in collaboration with the international group from India, under supervision of Prof. P. Raghavan.

Citation: Varghese G.P.J., David D.A., Karuth A., Jabeen F.M.J, Begum P.M.S., George J.J.,  Rasulev B., Raghavan P. Experimental and Simulation Studies on Nonwoven Polypropylene–Nitrile Rubber Blend: Recycling of Medical Face Masks to an Engineering Product,  ACS Omega, 2022,  7, 6, 4791–4803, DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.1c04913