Rasulev Research Group

Welcome to the Computational Chemistry and Cheminformatics Group

The group of Prof. Rasulev is focused on development of predictive models to design novel bio-based polymeric materials, nanomaterials and to predict their various properties, including toxicity, solubility, elasticity, degradation rate, etc. The group applies computational chemistry and cheminformatics methods for modeling, data analysis and development of predictive structure-property relationship models to find structural factors responsible for activity of investigated materials.

The group also involved in development of a materials database, which will be useful in designing new polymeric materials and nanomaterials, as well as assist in prediction of various properties, including degradation pathways for life cycle assessment.

Our achievements

Our team

Prof. Bakhtiyor Rasulev
Dr. Natalia Sizochenko
Dr. Lyudvig Petrosyan
Dr. Kairat Beketov
Dr. Oleksii Antypenko
Dr. Gerardo Casanola-Martin